Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tammy & Russell - Wedding

Once again I had the honor of photographing a wonderful couple who you could really see were very much in love with each other. My morning started with the bride getting ready. She was so excited ! She smiled ear to ear knowing this was the day she was going to be Russell's wife.

I then went to hang with the guys for a little while they attempted to play a little game of golf. I think Russell was as excited as the bride. It was the perfect day for a wedding!

Here's the best man and the groom. I think it was the best man's last attempt to show the groom how he felt ! tehehe

This couple have such a fun sense about them. Here you can see the groom's "vows" written on his hand, and he actually recited them during the ceremony.

the Ceremony took place at the Bride's family home. It was a lovely setting for this couple to be married.

topping the perfect ceremony was their Minister, Oscar. I've never met another Minister so into making a couple's ceremony not just about the serious side of two lives coming together, but making it the most joyous day they could ever have expected!

Maybe I should hire this wedding guest as my assistant...he decided to climb up on top of the roof for a better shot of the it !!! It'd be something I'd do and have done in the past...

the reception was held at the beautiful Colonade who always provide great hospitality.

....sweet ride !

...and great music provided by one of my favourite DJ's, Don, from Music Makers

this is becoming a habit of mine...last wedding I absconded the bride in the bathroom for a photoshoot, and I've done it again!!!!...but you have to admit, she's beautiful!


Trina Caird said...

Oh Tammy....BEAUTIFUL. You look stunning, congrats.

Trina Caird said...
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