Friday, July 3, 2009

Hells Holes

Despite the rain we've been having all week, my family and I have been trying to enjoy our vacation. It poured rain all the way there, and all the way home as you can see in these photos. It did stop long enough for us to hike the 3 km trail at the Hell Holes in Centreville.

One nice thing with the rain, it certainly makes the foliage more vibrant...and what yummy lighting. I'd love to photograph a bride in this, but can't imagine any of them taking the trek with me. The only downfall were the mosquitos...I must have donated a pint of blood by the end!

...and this is the cave...It's a small hole in the ground that goes down about 20 feet. Michael enjoyed exploring for a while down there. David just felt old ! lol

I love all the patterns that nature provides for us...we just need to take the time to look and enjoy. And again, I love my macro lens!!!

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