Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Michael's Graduation

My son graduated Grade 8 this year...he's pretty excited about heading for high school next year. He needn't have won any awards for his father and I to be proud of him. He's a pretty amazing kid. I'm lucky this way. I have 3 great kids! or should I say "young adults".

Michael started wearing fedoras a few years ago...he has quite a selection. So when grad came along, he decided he wanted an all white suit with matching white fedora. Of course, he had to be different then the other grads!

Here he is with a couple of his buddies...if onlyhis size was as big as his personality !!

My daughter, Erin, was pretty proud of her little brother too! If only I could get her to let me photograph her more often. She's got a beautiful smile.

Erin just had to try Michael's jacket on.

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