Sunday, May 10, 2009

Isabella fun shoot

Well, I had plans to go to the tulip festival in Ottawa this weekend. I Love tulips. They're my favourite flower. Simple, but amazingly colourful and with so many different kinds....Anyway, my car broke down. I think it's the transmission. I couldn't get it to go over 60, and most of the way home from work, it wouldn't go over 40 km. Then, I get home to hear that after 30 years, my husband has been laid off again. It's something he's been having to contend with for a while now. They lay him off, then call him back only to find he's working 3 or 4 days a week. And now again, he's been laid off. At least this time, they told him face to face instead of leaving a message on our answering machine. After 30 years of loyal service, you'd think he'd be given some respect and tell him face to face. So needless to say, I didn't go to Ottawa. Instead, to cheer up, I decided to spend the day with my 3 year old grand neice. We first took some photos of her in a dance outfit for her Mom. Then after a few dance outfits, she decided she wanted to be a princess. So we went back into my closet and she choose her dress and wings. She then wanted to see the umbrellas. When we had enough fun singing and making faces, it was time to head to the park to play and have chip truck fries. Another must have!!! Not sure what it is about chip truck fries, but they're a must come summer. And while at the park, eating sour candy, we were able to take in some tulips after all. Things look so much brighter and life is so less complicated when you spend it with a 3 year old....

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